How to Look at Diamonds Differently

Beyond the 4Cs:
How to Look at
Diamonds Differently

When it comes to purchasing a diamond piece of jewelry – especially something as significant as an engagement ring and/or wedding band — there are 4 factors (outside of the GIA’s 4Cs) you should always consider.

While the 4Cs of diamond grades (carat, color, clarity and cut) are extremely useful for comparing the value and price of these precious stones, they shouldn’t be the sole deciding factors.

4 Considerations Beyond the 4Cs

1. Consider the jeweler’s knowledge and credentials: What’s beyond the façade of the store? Can the staff answer your questions? Do they seem knowledgeable? Have they given you a “Diamond 101” type education? Always choose a jeweler that is credentialed, established and a retailer that specializes in loose diamonds and fine jewelry. Your jeweler should be a gemologist first, a salesperson second.

2. Consider the Jeweler’s Character: Always shop for diamonds from a trusted dealer. Find a jeweler who can not only answer your questions, but someone who can help you select a diamond that’s deeply personal.

3. Consider the jewelry selection: Do they have a large selection? Do they have the style you are looking for? Can they do customizations? Picking an engagement ring is such a special moment for a couple — it’s a true relationship milestone and something that should feel unique to the love it represents. Choose a jeweler who not only has a large selection of diamonds and rings, but someone who can make special customizations or design the ring in-house entirely.

4. Consider how you feel about the stone: Before going over the details of the diamond, explore how the stone makes you feel. Do you love the way it looks, the brilliance, the color, and the size? These should be the first factors to consider before landing on the “that’s the one” moment.

The Emotional Quotient

Since 1974, Blue Diamond has been working with couples to find the perfect stones for their engagement and wedding rings. Our 45 years of experience in the jewelry industry has shown us that picking the perfect diamonds for these rings is a lot like the process of selecting the right partner.

Much like the person you decide to spend the rest of your life with, there is a similar energy we believe that occurs with you and the stone.

At Blue Diamond, we work to find a stone that’s right for your specific wants and needs. We’ll pull diamonds with different colors, cuts and brilliance, and allow you to interact with each stone. This process includes looking at the diamond loose in tweezers, examining it in different light, and taking it outside to see it sparkle in the sunshine.

Once a stone has emerged as the favorite, we go over the color, clarity, proportion, and any other level of detail that’s available. In fact, we prefer to hold off on these details until a top choice has emerged, so you can make a decision void of any outside propaganda, conditioning, or preconceived notions. Our goal is to create an organic process that allows you, the customer and couple, to really connect with the stone.