The Proposal Story of


The Proposal Story of


It all started with a drone…

Meet Alex & Lesley, the couple whose love story is almost as cute as they are! The two met over instagram, when Lesley contacted Alex to help fix her drone. After Alex fixed her drone, the two went out for their first date a week later to fly the drone around. The rest is history! Since then the couple has traveled to over 24 countries together, with growing love and support on each and every adventure. After dating and traveling the world, Alex felt that it was time to tie the knot. Considering that their first date was flying a drone, he decided that his proposal would enlist the help of a drone!

Drop the ring!

Carefully planning each detail out, Alex set up five drones and gathered some photographers and cinematographers to capture the special moment forever! When it was finally time, Alex strategically flew the “ring drone” in and brought Lesley a single rose as a reference to her past on the bachelor, closing that chapter of her life by throwing it away so she could enter a new one with the love of her life. How absolutely precious! After he had tossed away the rose, he pressed his wireless remote to drop a model airplane holding the Blue Diamond ring box and got down on one knee! Of course she said yes and now the couple is happily engaged and ready to spend the rest of their lives together.

Designing a one-of-a-kind ring

Alex described his experience with Blue Diamond as a pleasant surprise! After talking to Altaf, the two designed the perfect ring for Lesley! After bringing their creation to life, Altaf showed Alex different diamonds until he connected with just the right one. When he finally saw the finished ring he was brought to tears thinking about how he would get to put it on Lesley’s finger. Congratulations to Lesley and Alex, the Blue Diamond Team could not be happier to be a part of this wonderful journey!


Kind words from a new friend:

“My experience at Blue Diamond was a pleasant surprise. I really wasn’t expecting to find the perfect setting on the day I walked in. I was fortunate enough to meet Altaf that day and we talked for about 2 hours. I was worried Altaf would think this Australian guy is crazy with such a proposal delivering the ring via drone. Altaf new exactly what I wanted in a traditional setting with a simple brilliant round cut diamond. The setting detail was simple, elegant with first class craftsmanship, the attention to detail and design far exceeded what I saw looking at other jewelry designs.

I wanted to make this setting unique for Lesley and loved the Blue Diamond meaning and replaced two regular diamonds with blue diamonds which look stunning. Selecting the diamond was another great experience. Altaf picked three of his best stones in my budget and I looked at the diamonds in natural light outside and selected the one that stood out the most in the light.

When I first saw the ring I started to tear up and get emotional, it was perfect Lesley absolutely loves it. The compliments she gets from family, friends and strangers on her travels and social media makes me so happy. I can’t thank Altaf enough for a beautiful organic experience.”

Alex K.


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