Our client relationships are built on trust

Blue Diamond Jeweler is founded on the idea that a satisfying life comes from quality relationships. This is what we strive to create with every client that walks through our doors. We want you to feel comfortable and welcomed, knowing that we want what is best for you – whatever that may be. We can accommodate any budget, restore the beauty of an aged treasure, or design a custom piece. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

When some one enters our field of awareness we perceive them as nothing short of a beautiful and unique expression of divinity or universal energy. We feel moved to offer our best hospitality, undivided attention, kindness, listening, expertise and service.
If organically a transaction shows up in our register, wonderful. If it doesn’t, surely what we have offered is a good working definition of love. We remind ourselves of the intrinsic value to this experience, and have hopefully contributed to the energetic pool from which we are all nourished.

We believe there is one special stone that will resonate with you. Our sacred privilege and duty is to present stones specially curated from our inventory and beyond, and allow our customers to intimately interact with the stones and make side-by-side comparisons. Our customers even have the opportunity to see them in natural sunlight.

Stone selection should be free of filters and the opinions of gemologist, not to mention all the pervasive marketing of large corporations that saturate our senses. With us, you will have the luxury to take as much time as you need, and ask as many questions as you wish.

There is no pressure to make any urgent decisions. We provide a space where you have an unconditioned, unfiltered, purely personal and intuitive experience with diamonds and precious stones of all type. You deserve nothing less. Once a stone connects with you, we provide all relevant documentation.

The experience of selecting an engagement ring is one that embodies the magic of falling love and making a commitment to your special person. This is a lofty expression of your love. A very life-changing celebration of your relationship.

This surely must be experienced in an atmosphere that echoes the occasion: kindness, sensitivity, elegance, flowers, certainly a little champagne and even a charcuterie plate are all present in a symphony for your delight. At Blue Diamond it’s not unusual to have all of them present.

The process of designing a unique piece of jewelry involves getting to know you, your story, your lifestyle, your preferences and an open and authentic sharing of the soul of Blue Diamond in service of your need. It feels more like a warm fireside chat with a new friend then a sterile jewelry store experience.

Our initial discussion with you won’t be focused on how big or small your budget is. The focus is on you and your vision. Once we understand the look and feel you want to achieve we will consider all options for creating your dream piece within your budget.

We can work with many different options in metals. We can also create pieces with silver, platinum, or 10k/14k/18k gold in a yellow, white or rose color.

With stones we offer responsibly sourced earth mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds, Moissanite as well as colored gemstones sourced from over 30 different countries.


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