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Alexandra & Richie’s Proposal

This couple’s story just goes to show how the wrong door needs to be closed for the right one to open! Before Alexandra and Richie were a couple, Alexandra was dating Richie’s friend, but decided to end the relationship. After that, her friendship with Richie blossomed into an everlasting bond full of love and light!

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The Soul of Blue Diamond

"I don't think of us as being in the stone and metal business. I think of us celebrating relationships, commitments to one another, and the beautiful dance between individuality and oneness. Just like the stones and diamonds in the earth." - Altaf Amlani, owner

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An Interview with Altaf Amlani

Usually, my business profiles are inciteful and engaging, but rather straightforward. I love sitting down with local business owners to hear about their stories, passions and industry. But I've never experienced the intellectual and spiritual enlightenment that I received from Blue Diamond owner Altaf Amlani.

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What gift can a virus offer us?

With significant change in circumstances we are presented with opportunity. Our current situation is no exception. As virtually all attractions outside our home are shut down, and as we are waiting to test for the virus out there, we have the opportunity to also test the state of our inner health.

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The Topaz is a magnificent stone most commonly found throughout Asia and typically takes on a golden hue. Known as the "Imperial Topaz," this gem was once reserved solely for the Russian royal family. Not only does it have royal popularity but the Topaz also carries a healing energy on a physical level (for digestion) as well as for promoting self-love and emotional balance.



Diamonds are typically found in alluvial deposits, which are essentially sites of volcanic rock. These deposits are found worldwide, however most diamonds in the market today come from South Africa, Botswana, and Russia. This incredibly strong stone has also inspired its name: The word diamond stems from the greek word adamas, meaning unconquerable.



The aquamarine is found mostly in the country of Brazil, which is also where the largest aquamarine recorded was discovered at 110kg! This gemstone represents the 19th wedding anniversary and is said to bring happiness into marriage.



The Red Garnet is a beautifully strong stone known for its deep red color and spiritual properties. This gemstone is a symbol of commitment and love as it enlivens relationships by strengthening the passion, trust and sexuality.

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