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Beyond the 4Cs: How to Look at Diamonds Differently

When it comes to purchasing a diamond piece of jewelry – especially something as significant as an engagement ring and/or wedding band — there are 4 factors (outside of the GIA’s 4Cs) you should always consider. While the 4Cs of diamond grades (carat, color, clarity and cut) are extremely useful for comparing the value and price of these precious stones, they shouldn’t be the sole deciding factors.

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How to Clean & Care for Your Diamond Engagement Ring

An engagement marks such a special milestone in a couple’s love story. Not only is an engagement ring a promise of a lifetime filled with companionship, love and happiness, these sparklers are probably your most prized possessions – which is why it’s especially important to keep your diamond rings in excellent condition.

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How to find the perfect jeweler

Acquiring the perfect engagement ring is a journey that goes beyond the ring; it involves a meaningful experience. It is only natural that you should also have the ability to select the person or people you want to involve in the process. Choosing the right jeweler will provide you with an unforgettable experience in this beautiful chapter of your love story.

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