Proposal Stories

Alexandra & Richie’s Proposal

This couple’s story just goes to show how the wrong door needs to be closed for the right one to open! Before Alexandra and Richie were a couple, Alexandra was dating Richie’s friend, but decided to end the relationship. After that, her friendship with Richie blossomed into an everlasting bond full of love and light!

Alexandra & Richie’s Proposal2020-09-11T19:26:57+00:00

Lesley and Alex’s Proposal

Lesley & Alex met over instagram when Lesley contacted Alex to help fix her drone. After Alex fixed her drone, the two went out for their first date a week later to fly the drone around. The rest is history! Since then the couple has traveled to over 24 countries together, with growing love and support on each and every adventure.

Lesley and Alex’s Proposal2020-04-30T23:42:54+00:00

Alexa & Sean’s Proposal

Like many millennials in today’s day and age, Alexa and Sean met on a dating app! After the two had messaged back and forth for about a week, they decided to meet in person. Unfortunately, Sean’s work hours were very crazy and the day they decided to meet, his phone died!

Alexa & Sean’s Proposal2020-01-05T04:31:36+00:00

Alexis & Randy’s Proposal

This lovely couple met at their friends party, and funny enough, it was NOT love at first sight. They laughed as they recounted their first encounter, both of them insisting that they were first approached by the other.

Alexis & Randy’s Proposal2019-12-05T02:09:28+00:00

Sky & Michael’s Proposal

Sky and Michael were high school sweethearts since 2007. The two met when Sky moved to LA and became the new girl in town. Michael introduced himself and asked her out to the movies – she said yes!

Sky & Michael’s Proposal2019-07-09T19:16:11+00:00

Jericka & Matt’s Proposal

This story began when the two started working at a recruiting company. They had the same boss, but worked in different offices. While they would only cross paths occasionally, they somehow found a way to fall in love! In time their relationship blossomed into what it is now - an everlasting bong. 

Jericka & Matt’s Proposal2019-06-05T02:25:42+00:00

Missy & Chris’ Proposal

Missy and Chris had the good fortune of meeting through mutual best friends. Missy's best friend had actually dated one of Chris’s friends and mentioned how she believed the two would hit it off, and they did! On their first date there was an instant connection. There were sparks flying, each having the sense of knowing each other for years.

Missy & Chris’ Proposal2019-04-03T21:10:05+00:00

Sonya & Mandy’s Proposal

Sonya and Mandy are two lovebirds who were matched on the spot. Literally! These two actually met at a lesbian singles speed dating event, where there immediate sparks. Although they did share a connection and enjoy the date, they were unable to keep in touch. That is, until three years later when the two matched on the dating app called Tinder!

Sonya & Mandy’s Proposal2019-02-17T01:53:09+00:00

Michelle & James’ Proposal

Their magical journey began in Venice, California when Michelle went out for a good time with some friends. A little while into the night Michelle noticed James walk into the bar where they eventually exchanged numbers, only to go their separate ways. A year past and Michelle found herself unexpectedly wondering about James...

Michelle & James’ Proposal2018-07-20T22:26:36+00:00
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