Proposal Stories

Lesley and Alex’s Proposal

Lesley & Alex met over instagram when Lesley contacted Alex to help fix her drone. After Alex fixed her drone, the two went out for their first date a week later to fly the drone around. The rest is history! Since then the couple has traveled to over 24 countries together, with growing love and support on each and every adventure.

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Alexa & Sean’s Proposal

Like many millennials in today’s day and age, Alexa and Sean met on a dating app! After the two had messaged back and forth for about a week, they decided to meet in person. Unfortunately, Sean’s work hours were very crazy and the day they decided to meet, his phone died!

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Alexis & Randy’s Proposal

This lovely couple met at their friends party, and funny enough, it was NOT love at first sight. They laughed as they recounted their first encounter, both of them insisting that they were first approached by the other.

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