Alexandra & Richie’s Proposal

This couple’s story just goes to show how the wrong door needs to be closed for the right one to open! Before Alexandra and Richie were a couple, Alexandra was dating Richie’s friend, but decided to end the relationship. After that, her friendship with Richie blossomed into an everlasting bond full of love and light!

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The Soul of Blue Diamond

"I don't think of us as being in the stone and metal business. I think of us celebrating relationships, commitments to one another, and the beautiful dance between individuality and oneness. Just like the stones and diamonds in the earth." - Altaf Amlani, owner

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Lesley and Alex’s Proposal

Lesley & Alex met over instagram when Lesley contacted Alex to help fix her drone. After Alex fixed her drone, the two went out for their first date a week later to fly the drone around. The rest is history! Since then the couple has traveled to over 24 countries together, with growing love and support on each and every adventure.

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An Interview with Altaf Amlani

Usually, my business profiles are inciteful and engaging, but rather straightforward. I love sitting down with local business owners to hear about their stories, passions and industry. But I've never experienced the intellectual and spiritual enlightenment that I received from Blue Diamond owner Altaf Amlani.

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What gift can a virus offer us?

With significant change in circumstances we are presented with opportunity. Our current situation is no exception. As virtually all attractions outside our home are shut down, and as we are waiting to test for the virus out there, we have the opportunity to also test the state of our inner health.

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Alexa & Sean’s Proposal

Like many millennials in today’s day and age, Alexa and Sean met on a dating app! After the two had messaged back and forth for about a week, they decided to meet in person. Unfortunately, Sean’s work hours were very crazy and the day they decided to meet, his phone died!

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Alexis & Randy’s Proposal

This lovely couple met at their friends party, and funny enough, it was NOT love at first sight. They laughed as they recounted their first encounter, both of them insisting that they were first approached by the other.

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Sky & Michael’s Proposal

Sky and Michael were high school sweethearts since 2007. The two met when Sky moved to LA and became the new girl in town. Michael introduced himself and asked her out to the movies – she said yes!

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Beyond the 4Cs: How to Look at Diamonds Differently

When it comes to purchasing a diamond piece of jewelry – especially something as significant as an engagement ring and/or wedding band — there are 4 factors (outside of the GIA’s 4Cs) you should always consider. While the 4Cs of diamond grades (carat, color, clarity and cut) are extremely useful for comparing the value and price of these precious stones, they shouldn’t be the sole deciding factors.

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