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How to find the ideal jeweler

How to find the ideal jeweler

Why does the jeweler matter?

Acquiring the perfect engagement ring is a journey that goes beyond the ring; it involves a meaningful experience. The selection of a beautiful emblem, which is representative of your special love, is the most romantic, exhilarating and emotionally charged acquisition you will make. It is only natural that you should also have the ability to select the person or people you want to involve in the process. Choosing the right jeweler will provide you with an unforgettable experience in this beautiful chapter of your love story.

The qualities to look for

The jeweler should be someone who takes the time to get to know you, be sensitive to your budget, offer education as you want it, provide options, or ultimately have the capability to create a custom piece, if that’s what you desire. Above all he/she must have a clear understanding of the nature of the process. Therefore, as much as this experience revolves around the search for the right diamond, gemstone of preference and ring design, it’s also a search for the right jeweler. At Blue Diamond, your engagement ring experience begins with us taking the time to get to know you. We want to learn about your special love story, lifestyle and your unique taste and preferences, so that we can anticipate your needs.

The jeweler must be able to create and hold this unique experience for the couple, while also kindly and sensitively supporting them during this special journey. The jeweler should be able to discern whether the bride is adventurous, individualistic or traditional. A leisurely chat which is free from pressure, perhaps over a glass of wine, helps us to organically discover your preference of style: vintage, modern, or perhaps eclectic? Next, we take a look at different shapes, sizes, colors, clarity and more, in order to fit your style and budget.

The Blue Diamond approach

Arriving at the “That’s it!!” point involves being able to receive a “Diamonds 101” type of education in order to make an informed decision. We encourage our clients to try on different pieces, look at stones in different light conditions, and see the creativity of others via Instagram or Pinterest, when selecting the ring that is right for them.

More often than not, the direction may be towards a custom-designed ring that becomes beautiful collaboration between the parties. Creating this unique, one of a kind piece is often equal to, and sometimes less costly than an off the shelf stock item from a regular big box retailer. A custom piece, if outsourced, can be extremely expensive, whereas, at Blue Diamond, the design process is performed entirely in-house. This results in a lower cost base to our client, as well as the quality control of the ring.

At Blue Diamond, we strive to create a designing and acquiring experience that is as special as the love it symbolizes. We take our role as a trusted guide seriously, and consider our involvement in this special journey of acquiring an engagement ring a privilege and sacred invitation. We seek to provide a wonderful act of love, rather than simply a sale.

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