14 kyg Diamond Pear earrings


Our piercings are currently performed at our Manhattan Beach store location: 1009 Manhattan Ave. Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

The jewelry is high-quality, hypoallergenic and sterilized. They are made with genuine Swarovski crystals to keep it sparkly forever. The jewelry will not irritate, turn your ears green or rust. It's safe for babies and ALL types of sensitive skins.


Nose – $50 (jewelry included)
Septum / bull – $50 (jewelry included)
Tongue – $60 (jewelry included)
Lips – $50 (jewelry included)
Ear lobes – $80 both ears (jewelry included)
Regular Cartilage piercings – $45 (jewelry included)
Special Cartilage piercings – $45 each or $80 for 2 (jewelry included)
Nipple piercings – $100 for both or $60 for 1 (jewelry included)
Below the belt piercing – $130 (jewelry included)
Navel (belly button) piercings – $60 (jewelry included)

Detailed instructions will be provided to each person after their piercing is performed. Please reach out for additional questions.