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Nia children eating together

We are so proud to be partnered with Nia Children’s Foundation

Giving back to those in need is a core belief of our business, one that stems from personal experience. Altaf’s father spent four years of his life at an orphanage. In honor of this impactful time in his life, he went on to support another orphanage in India for over 60 years. Blue Diamond Jeweler continues this legacy of generosity by supporting organizations globally, but also locally, including the Ed! Foundation and Airport Marina Counseling.

Nia works to provide daily meals to children at underfunded schools in the slums of Kenya. The food helps them stay active, focused, and educated. Blue Diamond Jeweler is excited to share our new initiative to support one child for an entire year for every engagement ring we sell.

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Altaf Amlani, owner of Blue Diamond Jeweler

A message to our clients

"Supporting this foundation is very personal to me as I grew up in Uganda and Kenya. I have personally seen the need. My mother was an educator and I was raised with her belief that education has the potential to be the equalizer in a world where wealth, status, and race creates much inequality in opportunity. She opened a school where people paid whatever they could and I learned a great deal from her efforts. My sister, a physician and life coach, and her son introduced me to the Nia Children’s Foundation and I am grateful for this incredible opportunity to help make this world a better place."

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